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luxury weddingswith images full of heart and style forSTORYTELLINGElegant & Timeless

Exquisite Light-filled

wedding photography

for style-conscious, lovestruck couples

seeking adventure.

If quality over quantity is your mantra, and you like your countryside served up with a side of luxury then you’re in the right place.


I love to work with couples like you who love life’s little luxuries but aren’t afraid to get their hems muddy or feet wet, chasing the light for that once-in-a-lifetime photo.


Infused with light, softness, and beautiful pastel tones, my images are elegant, romantic, and timeless. Tailormade for those who value the pricelessness of beautiful imagery and appreciate that true artistry doesn’t just capture a moment it can preserve a feeling.


So whether you’re getting married at a picturesque country estate, a lush luxury barn, an opulent marquee in the garden, or a destination beach wedding. let me tell your story with exquisite artistry that speaks to the heart.

Effortless storytelling

capturing the heart and soul of the day and all the

moments inbetween

I absolutely love photographing weddings. For me weddings are about embracing love, celebrating life, and entering a new chapter on your journey together, surrounded by all the people that mean the most to you.


When I photograph a wedding I completely immerse myself in the day, letting all the beauty, love, and laughter envelop me as I capture all the magic of the day as it unfolds before my eyes.


It’s not just the big moments, it’s the quiet little moments, the unpredictable and unscripted. The laughter and joy floating on the breeze. Priceless images that paint the bigger picture of the day. And give you the warm fuzzy feels when you look at them.


My promise to you is to capture beautiful romantic and timeless images that don’t just remind you what it looked like, but remind you of how you felt.

- jen




Devon, England