A Luxe Orchard Wedding at The Corn Barn

The Story of how Mark met Koren is a tale of a modern day romance. A match made on Tinder. And if Mark’s brother is to believed entirely down to him. According to Andy, Mark now the wrong side of thirty, concerned that he was still single and at a quandary at how he would meet his ‘one’, what with his busy schedule of work and cycling, turned to his younger brother for council. Andy suggested the app Tinder and showed Mark how he could find and match with his ‘one’ by either swiping left or right. After Mark stumbled across Koren’s profile, where he was delighted to find they matched. He quickly wrote her a rather witty message, to which Koren kept him hanging for about three months before she replied. And after a few messages back and forth a date was set.

As is the the proverb, the course of true love never did run smooth. On the day of the date Mark ended up texting Koren to tell her that he had lost a contact lens, so he would be wearing the only glasses he could find,a pair of quicksilver glasses about 4 prescriptions out of date, and not to judge him to harshly. Not put off, Koren turned up for their date and waited where they had agreed. Mark on the other hand wearing his out of date glasses struggled to get his bearings and find the street, and quite lost almost missed Koren, if it had not been for his description of himself he had given – a tall 6’7″ guy wearing very geeky glasses. Seeing Mark about to disappear around the corner on to the next street Koren shouted out “Oi, where do you think you’re going?”

And just as well she did too, as it led to this beautiful wedding in the Orchards of The Corn Barn, where Koren, looking breath- taking said “I do” to the very dashing Mark. And with the warm September sun beating down on the festivities all day as the sound of love and laughter drifted in the air it really was the most perfect day.

Suppliers: Dress Kate Walker Bridal // Shoes Jenny Packham // Suits Charles Tyrwhitt // Florist Weddings at Poppys // Cake Vintage lace Cakes // Stationery Eliza May Prints // Signage Kilkie Sands // Hair Stylist Hair By Emma C // MUA Laura Le Page // Catering Pickle Shack // Band Mafia 4 // Transport Abbey Wedding Cars // Videography Union Video








Devon, England