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As Ferris says "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"


Never was a truer word said, than when it comes to our children. One minute you're walking out the delivery room having forgotten to take your new baby with you. (Yes I did that!) The next you are relearning how to multiply fractions so you can help them with their GCSE's. (I did that too.) And in between - well that times just whizzes by.


Years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, flying by at a rate of knots. But what if you could stop time in it's tracks?


Like any parent, I know you want to hold on tightly to this fleeting family time. You want to cherish every minute of their lives and your time spent together. To preserve their funny expressions, quirky mannerisms and zest for life. You want to hang on tightly to your family and all the love and craziness that encapsulates it. You want to remember every last second of it because you know how valuable and priceless this time is.


Let me help you do that.



As a parent myself, I know you don't want uncomfortable and staged photos of your children set against a boring white background, saying cheese to the camera - devoid of personality. You want something real, genuine and raw. You want to see spirit, emotion and life.


My Family lifestyle sessions are completely unique and a different approach to family photography. They are more than just photographs they are an experience.


The sessions consist of a consultation, where I get to know you and your family, what makes you tick, what makes each individual special and what you love most about each other. (You won't believe some of the funny and touching conversations I've had with families like yours). I then use this information to create a totally bespoke session at your home or a location that is special or has significant meaning to you. Allowing 1-2 hours


Allowing 1-2 hours I'll capture the essence, spirit and personality of the people you love most. Working in a relaxed and natural style, combining a raw documentary approach with beautiful portraiture, Using creative composition and soft dreamy light, so that your images are unique works of art that tell the real story of your family.


The only thing left will be how you choose to display them, from the bespoke selection of frames available to choose. So you and your family will be reminded every time they look at them, how much they are loved. And how awesome your family is.


Couples Shoots, pre-wedding shoots, engagement shoots,

call them whatever you like. I call them my ‘Beloved’ Sessions. I love them and I think they’re a fabulous idea.


I love to do engagement shoots with my Brides and Grooms before their big day as it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other better. I care about every wedding I do. And providing a personal as well as professional customer service to my clients is extremely important to me.


Many of my couples who felt nervous and anxious about having their picture taken and being in front of the camera said how beneficial they found the experience. They welcomed the opportunity to get used to being in front of the camera before the big day, and the chance to alleviate any fears or nerves they had. My shoots are designed to be relaxed natural and fun. There’s no awkward or uncomfortable poses. Just lots of fun and romance with the one you love. And of course beautiful heart warming photographs for you to remember an amazing memory together.


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Devon, England