Devon Photographer – Family Photography Session

I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share this selection of photographs from a lovely morning spent with this delightful family. It had been awhile coming, having been postponed by illness, but on the day everyone was fit and well and in high spirits.

For this family photography session we met at  Mordon Hall Park, a stunning National Trust Gardens, just outside of London in the leafy suburbs of Surrey. We had a lovely time exploring the different parts of the gardens. The children especially enjoyed the play area.

We played on the swings, and walked along the logs, but I think the most fun was had inside the large sweeping branches of an overgrown tree. It was a perfect tree for camping out underneath and climbing the welcoming branches off. For children and adults. And lets face it you’re never too old to enjoy a spot of tree climbing, especially if your children think you’re the coolest parents on earth for doing it.

So a spot of tree climbing got this family photography session off to a flying start, on to the playground, a quick pit stop for a snackroo to refuel, a lovely walk along a river out of the rising sun and then we found the lovely meadow, with it’s long grass and cow parsley and buttercups growing abundantly.

These photos of the children amongst the long grass and the soft delicate cow parsley are among my favourites. I love the soft backlight and the expressions of awe and amazement on their faces, as they explore the area with their parents. They make such lovely natural portraits of the family.

We even took a few photographs of mum and dad together, Both Edie and Oscar looked through my camera and said whether they could see mum and dad before we decided whether to take the shot. They even directed them to have a quick kiss.

A fantastic time was had by all and I’m delighted with the pictures from this family photography session. I hope you like them too.

If you’d like a family photography session in Devon or anywhere else, then please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.









Devon, England