Devon Family Photographer – Totnes Shoot

The Forward Family are such a lovely family. Their little boy is such a gorgeous chap with enormous determination to do things his way already. Whether it be to open and close a gate all afternoon or include his brightly coloured bucket in the shoot.

Claire and Tom really wanted a family session on their Totnes farm where Tom works looking after his dairy cows. As Claire is a teacher, we did the shoot over the half term. Although the weather forecast was predicted to be rain and wind over the weekend, we were ever so lucky and the rain held off.

So we were all excited and in high spirits as we began the shoot. All except one little boy who was not in the best mood about starting his new nap schedule of only one nap a day! But after opening and closing the garden gate a few times, playing peek-a-boo in the Wendy house, visiting his dad’s cows, saying hello to the very friendly pigs and pretending to drive his Dad’s tractor he soon gave into the fun and frolics.

I’m so pleased with the results of this wonderful afternoon on this Totnes Farm with this lovely family and they are too.

“WoW!!! What amazing photographs!”

I’m always on tenterhooks waiting to hear my clients reactions when they view their images. So it’s always so lovely to get such positive feedback.








Devon, England