Devon Wedding Photographer – Chateau Plas Rhianfa

This wedding at Chateau Plas Rhianfa, Beaumaris, overlooking the Menai Staits in Anglesey, was probably one of the most stressful weddings I’ve been at, not to mention one of the most exhilarating. We started the day by turning up at the wrong house for the Bridal preparations. The sat nav took us to a house with the same name, as the house we wanted. A few stressful phonecalls later and a bridesmaid came out the house and waved us 50 metres up the road.

After we had finished the bridal prep, as we were getting ready to leave to house to head to the little village church where the ceremony was to take place, my colleague discovered her shoes had been picked up and put in a car along with all the other bridal gear, ready to go straight to the Chateau Plas Rhianfa, where the reception was taking place. So we head to the Church ready to take photos of the ceremony and hoping to get the chance to get her shoes back before the ceremony. Luckily she managed to.

The ceremony was very sweet, being in Anglesey, Wales, in was conducted in Welsh, which meant being on our toes a bit more than usually and anticipating what was going to happen next. I don’t really know what was said in the service, but what I do know for sure it that there was a lot of cariad (love) in in!

Then after the service on the way to the Chateau Plas Rhianfa, we were going to stop by the Menai Bridge to take some photos, but the layby had been closed, meaning there was nowhere to park and take shots. Luckily the Organist had a friend who was happy to lend his garden over looking the Menai Bridge, so off we went in procession to take photos in this friends garden.

As we were leaving and heading to the Chateau Plas Rhianfa, the weather turned and the wind and rain started. We arrived at the Chateau as the lights started to flicker on and off. Half and hour later the electricity went. We ploughed through photographing in the dimmed light, nipping in and out as the rain petered out to take photographs of the Bridge and Groom, whilst our fingers went blue from the cold.

I said it was one of the most exhilarating as well as stressful, well with a ticking deadline of what to do about food and evening the entertainment and more guests due to arrive the electricity came, and the weather turned again. The rain stopped, clouds started to clear and the sun appeared.

Throughout all this I have never met a Bride and Groom who were less stressed than this pair. I think it just goes to show at the end of the day ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE or CARIAD, the rest is just trimmings!

Erin & Gerallt (79 of 187)








Devon, England