Devon Wedding Photographer – A Colehayes Park Wedding

It can be a little lonely when you work for yourself. I might have quite a business social life on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, but my office consists of me and the 4-paw-gang, And although they’re great company there’s not a lot of banter going on between us. (Snoring From Riley sometimes) Which is why when I get the opportunity to work with my lovely friend Karinna of Auumn Salt, it’s always a ‘Yes’. Not just because working with karinna is so much fun. We’re totally on the same wave length, but because she is also amazingly talented too. And she get’s my dazzling company and awesome talents too. It’s a win, win all round for everyone really.

And so this fine sunny August day at the beautiful Colehayes Park we seamlessly worked together to capture the stunning quintessentially English wedding of an American Groom and his English Bride as they married in wonderfully romantic outdoor ceremony in the gardens. It was a truly beautiful wedding  full of transatlantic travel detail. From their delightful passport order of services, to their seating plans with luggage tags. An amazing wedding cake with aeroplanes that flew around their cake to their little luggage favours. It was a union between the nations that celebrated their love of all things British. It celebrated and relished the English countryside with a sneaky trip on to the moors for some romantic shots of the two of them. There was laughter and tears with the speeches and old old traditions with a ceilidh in the evening. It really was everything thing you could hope for in a union between the America and Great Britain. You saw it here first Megan and Harry!

If you’re planning a fun and relaxed informal wedding like this or having a wedding at Colehayes Park then do get in touch and let’s chat.








Devon, England