Devon Wedding Photographer – Megan and Alex at Cadhay House & Gardens

Alex owes me a dinosaur! I mean within the first ten minutes of meeting, he told me that Dippy wasn’t real and was being booted out the natural History Museum. He knows because he was overseeing the redesign of the space. I’m probably the only person out there that was not aware that Dippy was not real. I’m still not completely over it! But Alex has an affable charm and cheeky humour about him that just wins you over, and together with Megan, who is just one of the loveliest people you could meet, I was willing to overlook the heartbreak to shoot their wedding. Firstly because Alex promised a suit of many colours (He reneged on this), but he still looked pretty dapper so I’ll forgive him for not turning up looking like something out the musical ‘Joseph’ and secondly a Ceilidh was also mentioned. I love a Ceilidh!

So a bit about the couple themselves. Alex and Megan met in the Kitchen at his parents house in Devon, and being very English they knew it was love because they liked their tea the same way.

The wedding was a beautiful traditional white wedding in a small village church. Meg looked captivating in her elegant bespoke dress that was made by a family friend for her, with her hair was  in a classic updo by Changing Faces, as she and Alex said their ‘I do’s’. Then it was back to the stunning Cadhay House & Gardens for a relaxed reception with their family and friends in a vintage car by Best Day Ever.

I love how Alex and Meg have mixed using suppliers with utilising the talents of their family and friends. In particular all the amazing flowers everywhere from the bouquets, to the button holes to the table arrangements were all lovingly gown and arranged by Wizz, Meg’s Mum, who is starting her own Florist business, Wisteria. But mostly I love how nobody let rain get in the way of having a good time, or getting a few great pictures. And I love how everyone loves a ceilidh!

Alex I’ll let you off the Dinosaur but you have to buy Meg another Cat.








Devon, England