Devon Wedding Photographer – Nikki & Jos in the Cullompton Corn Fields

“I love them! so so much!! Thank you 🙂 I’m so happy we chose you. You’re amazing. Can’t wait for the wedding! Eek so excited!”

I knew the first moment that I met Nikki and Jos over a cuppa and some cake at my home that we were going to get on like a house on fire. It wasn’t just that we chatted for ages about about their fabulous wedding plans at Upton Barn in Cullompton or that they told me about how they got together and their hilarious dates at ‘Hooters’. It was Riley’s seal of approval. He wandered into the room sniffed around the table for crumbs decided he really rather liked Jos and sprawled out over his feet for a nap, followed by some rather serious snores shortly after. And well Jos seemed just as smitten with Riley as Riley was with him.

On the day of their engagement shoot we met up at my house before we headed off out into the fields, but just as we were leaving the rain started, so we popped on the kettle and caught up on wedding preparations whilst we waited for the cloud to pass. A cuppa later and we were off out into the corn fields of Cullompton laughing and having plenty of fun as we made the most of the amazing clouds and the sunshine that was coming out.

This wedding has fun written all over it. I don’t know about these two , but I’m already counting down the days to their wedding. x








Devon, England