Hey, I’m Jennifer Jane – most people call me Jen. My friends call me JJ. You can call me JJ – I like to think we’ll be good friends.

I’m a fine art wedding photographer specialising in beautiful, light, ethereal wedding photos full of love and laughter

I’m married to my handsome husband, Paul, who I’ve known since school, (what can I say, when you know, you know). He’s my best friend – we love to SCUBA dive together, and take our dog Riley out geocaching. Sometimes Finley and Oonagh our cats try and come with us too. We have a gorgeous daughter Reese. She’s my mini-me. She and I love rocking out to Maroon 5 in the car together on the school runs. But don’t tell anyone it’s our secret!

I’m a sucker for romance. Reese and I love watching the Movies 24 Channel, Love and romance on tap. But it’s why I love my job so much. I get to be surrounded by love, laughter and fun all day. And who wouldn’t want that.

When I photograph a wedding my aim is to tell the real story of the day. To capture the emotional tears, the hysterical laughter and the little looks. The moments that tell the story. When you look back at your wedding photos I don’t just want you to remember the day, I want you to remember how you felt.

Romance for Sucker I'm a

I’m often asked how I know the couple, as I come across as a family friend. I think this speaks volumes about the person I am and how I work. And the one thing people always say to me at weddings - that I don’t stop smiling all day

I LOVE a few things

A gorgeous pair of shoes
Car Karaoke
a lovely cup of tea
aka The 4-Paw-Gang The 4-Paw-Gang
peanut butter on toast
scuba diving
being outside


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