ECO friendly

I’ve done my stint of life in the city, and now I’m living in the most glorious hidey hole in the Devonshire countryside with my lovely family, doing a job I absolutely love. I’m truly fortunate. And I don’t take that for granted for one minute. In fact having a child made me think more about the core values I will pass on to her. Including the world I will leave behind.

We started off with recycling more, growing our own fruit and vegetables, keeping chickens and having solar panels on our house. After that it seemed natural to follow the same 'green' values through into my business. I’m not claiming to be perfect or some hard core environmentalist. I have a 12 year old daughter who is intent on landing aeroplanes on the roof of our house at night, but I’m trying. And here’s how:

• Engagement shoots are now downloadable.

• Using electronic contracts and questionnaires.

• Using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly products and albums.

• Using sustainably sourced and recycled paper products for my stationery products.

• Offsetting my home office electrical consumption against the solar panels.

• Offsetting my carbon emissions from my car and mileage against my commissions


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