Where are you based and do you travel for weddings?

I live in Devon and travel throughout the South West. and beyond.  I’ll happily accompany you overseas for your wedding. I’ll travel wherever the love takes me. So get in touch.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Being a Professional Photographer, I have both Professional Indemnity and Professional Liability insurance

How long will you be there on the day?

I will arrive during bridal preparations, usually 2 hours before the ceremony, and stay with you through to your first dance or start of the dancing. (approximately 8-10 hours) The only time I will not take pictures is during the wedding breakfast as these are never the most flattering!

What does a basic package include?

A basic package is ‘The Prologue’ is the equivalent of a half days photography and is up to 6 hours with your images available as a digital download

Do you do elopement and bespoke packages?

Absolutely. Elopement packages are very popular and include up to 3 hours of photography, for a wedding party of a maximum of 20 guests, mid-week or off season for £550. Bespoke packages start from £1200 for 6 hours

Is travel included?

All travel and accommodation is included to anywhere in the world! I know how costs can quickly escalate, so this is perfect for keeping control of your finances!

When can we see our photographs?

One of the reasons that I limit the number of  weddings I accept, is so that I am not only fresh and ready for your wedding but also so that I can get your images to you as soon as possible! Your pictures are usually with you within an absolute maximum of 6-8 weeks!

How many pictures will I get?

This can vary from wedding to wedding, but on average I’ll deliver around 400 carefully selected and edited images on a personalised USB in presentation box

 I’ve been hearing are a lot about GDPR are you compliant?

I endeavour to the best of my ability to be fully compliant. You can read my privacy policy here

 You sound awesome. How do we book you?

Super easy! No meetings, unless you want them,  no posted forms, I have an online booking form and take a small deposit and then that is it! You are officially booked and in the diary so you can relax, put your feet up and start planning your amazing day!

One last thing – Have you ever cried at a wedding?

I’ve been known to shed the odd tear or two. But then Mini-Me and I will cry over an episode of ‘Neighbours’ and we both can’t wait until the Christmas 24 Movie Channel comes on. I just can’t get enough schmaltz  – I love a love story.


COVID 19 & Your WEdding




I appreciate it's so easy to say 'keep calm and carry on', but honestly the more we all panic and catastrophise, the worse things will seem, and the worse we'll all feel. And I promise you we are all in this together. I have spoken to lots of other suppliers and the one thing that is coming out of my conversations is that everyone is doing their utmost to pull together in this incredibly difficult time, myself included. And what could be more positive than that?



Absolutely, for me it's business as usual. I love weddings, and I absolutely intend to be at your wedding. If it helps, and I'm sure many of you know anyway, I live on a farm in a remote little village, so I'm quite self-contained. I'm also well-stocked on hand sanitiser and multivitamins. I'm doing my very best to be fit and well for your wedding.



Whilst I absolutely fully intend to be at your wedding, there is a caveat to the statement above. I am definitely not going to deliberately infect anyone with this virus. So if I or any member of my family start showing any of the symptoms as defined by the government and the NHS I will self-isolate. If this becomes the case, I revert back to my earlier statement about everyone pulling together. I have already made a pact with a bunch of other amazing photographers that should any of us get sick with Corona, we will step in for each other. If I have to get one of my fantastic friends to cover for me, they will shoot it, and I will still edit the photos. This means the final look will still be consistent with what you see in my portfolio. This is not something I expect to happen though.



I totally understand your concerns. Information seems to be changing on a daily basis. And speculation in the media as to what we should be doing and what other countries are doing probably doesn't help. However, it seems unlikely you won't be able to have your wedding. The Government's response to the spread of coronavirus would suggest that they are not looking to put the country in lockdown at present, or banning public events or gatherings. They may at some point restrict the number of people allowed to attend a public event. If this happens, I think 99% of weddings would fall below the threshold, and as such would not prevent you from having your beautiful wedding day as planned.



I totally understand that this may be a question on your mind at the moment, and I've thought long and hard about the best way to accommodate this without compromising my business and ability to provide the best possible service to my couples. Postponements have a knock-on effect. If every couple I had booked this year decided to postpone their wedding until next year. I simply wouldn't be able to sustain my business until next year to fulfil those bookings. So to be as accommodating as possible I can only move weddings for FREE to another date this year. Any postponement after the end of March 2021 will incur a small fee. That being said I have stopped taking further bookings for 2020 so as to give as much flexibility and preference to any rescheduling of dates.



Postpone to another date in 2020 - FREE of charge, but your final balance payment would still be as per your original booking. ie one month before the original date of the wedding

Postpone to a weekday in 2021 (Mon-Thurs) - FREE of charge. Your original payment terms would apply, with your final balance being due one month before your new date.

Postpone to a weekend after March 2021 (Fri-Sun)inc bank holidays) - A fee of £250 would apply to move the wedding to the new date, Your original payment terms would apply, with your final balance being due one month before your new date.



I cannot stress how much I hope you don't do this. Weddings are the most wonderful joyous occasion. And if we need joyous occasions at any time, we need them right now. I cannot think of anything sadder than a wedding not going ahead when we all desperately need something wonderful to celebrate and look forward to. Should you decide to cancel for any reason, the standard cancellation policy in the contract you signed would be applicable.



I'm sure you were smart and took out wedding insurance. Now's the perfect time to give them a call and have a chat about your options. Don't make decisions about postponing, cancelling or anything else until you have spoken to them about the impact it may have about on whether you are covered and whether it may affect your policy. You have insurance and they are there to help.



In the event that the Government do place a lockdown on events or public gatherings that prevents your wedding from taking place, then I am happy to work with you on choosing a new date that works for everyone. Should you choose a date that I am not available, you may either have an associate photographer of mine shoot your wedding or you would forfeit your deposit.



I know it's hard, these are extraordinary times, and totally unprecedented. We're all just trying to find our way through them the best way we can. But I firmly believe keeping a positive attitude is the best way to staying fit and well. And I promise I'll do everything possible to make sure that getting through this is as painless as possible, and has as least impact on us both as possible. After all, we both want the same thing - your wedding going ahead. You guys having an amazing day with all your friends and family, and me there to capture it all. And in 50 years time when you're looking through your album with the grandchildren, can you imagine the story you'll have to tell behind the photos!






Devon, England