Hannah and Ollie’s Festival Wedding at Secret Valley

Hannah and Ollie met at Medical School. As with all great love stories, they were friends to start off with and got on so well that before long it blossomed into something more. Hannah and Ollie said they new from the very beginning they would have a future together. They both had similar values and interests, be it family, animals or travel. They were both down to earth and up for new adventures. It seemed obvious to them that they would get married and have a life together.

When Ollie proposed to Hannah he was on a medical placement in India for five weeks. He surprised Hannah by buying her a ticket to join him over them when she had a week off. They spent a few days in Darjeeling. On one particular day they woke early to watch the sunrise over the Himalayas. Unfortunately it was cloudy so they missed the view. Instead they wondered around the markets. When they returned to their room the hotel staff had lit a fire, as it had gotten cold outside, but a bit of wood poking out the fire caused the room to get really smokey so they left to let the smoke subside. On their return Ollie got down on one knee and proposed with a Haribo ring.

Now as well as taking photos I do listen a bit to some of the stuff that gets mentioned during the speeches (never know when it might come in handy), and as well as discovering there was a serious bromance going before Hannah came on the scene, the proposal was not completely off the cuff. After a lot of frantic faxes and e-mails the engagement ring being made didn’t quite make it in time to Ollie for his proposal and so good old Haribo stepped in the eleventh hour to help out.

Hannah and Ollie choose to get married at Secret Valley, because they wanted a laid back, relaxed wedding, where they could make a weekend of it and have lots of fun and laughter with all their friends and family. Somewhere where they could show off their epic dance moves in the evening.

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Devon, England