Honiton Wedding Photographer – Steve & Emma’s E-shoot

I knew this engagement shoot by the Deer Park Hotel, in Honiton was going to be magical when I stumbled across a field full of deer including a rather large and handsome looking Stag, openly grazing and running about  together in the middle of the afternoon, when I had taken my car down a wrong turning on the way to meet Steve and Emma. I was glued to the spot watching this Disneyesque scene, as the sun started to appear from behind the clouds and sunlight could be seen to sparkle on the damp grass. Even now it fills with excitement to be going back to that area to be doing their wedding at the hope of a repeat performance. Back to Steve and Emma who are getting married at the Deer Park Hotel next year and we decided that that the fields in front would make an amazing location for their engagement shoot, not just because of the beautiful rolling countryside, twisting river , quaint little bridges, and adorable sheep bouncing about, but because the magnificent Deer Park Hotel stood proudly across the hillside as a constant reminder of what was to come the following year. And although the weather had been raining all morning by the time I parked my car up the rain had cleared. It was still gusty and windy but the rain held off and both Steve and Emma were amazing considering it was not particularly warm. I think you’ll agree though, the magic between these two that morning in Honiton is clear to see.     Steve&Emma-104 Steve&Emma-75 Steve&Emma-205 Steve&Emma-251 Steve&Emma-278








Devon, England