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How to have Amazing Getting Ready Photos

I absolutely adore this part of the day. It can be such a mixed bag of emotions; from the calm, to the nervous, to the jubilant excitement of all you girls as you listen to your favourite songs whilst sipping champers, before you head of to the Church. Capturing photos of you all getting ready is an important part of telling your wedding day story and it sets the scene for what’s to come for the rest of the day.

One of the things I’ve noticed shooting weddings is there are a few simple things that you can do, to really help your photos look really amazing. So here they are.

  1. Luscious Light

It probably seems like photographers are obsessed with this but great light equals great photos. Choose a room to get ready in that has lots of natural light. Turn off the lights and open any curtains or blinds so the room is flooded with lots of gorgeous light. If you can, try and sit facing towards the window when your MUA and hairstylist do your hair, so your face will be lit by beautiful soft window light.


  1. Tidy Up

It’s probably the last thing on your mind, but do you really want lots of empty glasses and plates with half eaten food appearing in your photos? Or carrier bags and cotton wool balls making an appearance in the background. Have a quick tidy. Make the bed and clear the decks. You’ll appreciate the 5 minutes you took.

  1. Delicious Details

When I first arrive after I’ve said my hellos I like to begin by capturing all the details. If you have these all together in one place that’s fab, I can get stuck in straight away. I love to capture the dress hanging up in all it’s magnificence. Quite often it will come from the dress designer on a plastic hanger, if it does replace it with a beautiful padded silk one or a wooden one. It will look so much nicer in the shots and do the dress far more justice. I’ll also take photos of veil, shoes, flowers, perfume and any jewellery you might be wearing. And if you have any invitations or stationery I’ll take photos of this too, so make sure you leave it out.

  1. Oh What to Wear?

Wear something that you’re comfortable and happy being photographed in. Ideally something that will co-ordinate with your colour palette. Matching pyjamas or kimonos are very popular these days and look great too, adding consistency to the photos. Whatever you choose make sure you can easily slip it off without messing up your hair and make-up.

  1. Be A Girl Guide

There’s nothing like a tear in a lace or a button coming off your dress to make you feel like Murphy’s Law is in action. But a small emergency kit of needle and thread, plasters, sanitary products, safety pins and paracetamol could save the day. I have all sorts of other goodies in my camera bag for emergencies, but you can build on that list.

There you have it you’re now all calm, relaxed and organised for those amazing getting ready photos.



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