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How to Nail Those Group Shots

I’ll let you into a secret. Promise not to tell anyone? One of my least favourite parts of the wedding day is taking group shots. what I absolutely adore is taking beautiful natural shots and these are the ones my couples love too. So why are we putting ourselves through this ordeal if no one really wants it?

For People like my Gran, who had her 90th birthday recently. (5 years ago) All the family came and celebrated with her and at the end of the evening she wanted a photo of us all with her. The photo now sits in pride of place in the sitting room, right in front of her favourite chair where she can see it and everyone in it every day. Having these photos can bring a huge amount of joy to people. And you’ll be surprised how much more valuable they become to you when some of these loved ones are no longer around.

So Here are my top 5 tips for painless group photos

  1. Be Selective

Be ruthless. Make a list of 6-8 group shots that you really want, keep it to close family and bridal party members, and groups of a maximum of about 10 guests. This should take about 30 minutes, any longer and your guests will think you’ve been kidnapped and quaff all the champers and eat all the canapes.

  1. Be Specific

I don’t know what your family dynamics are. If your parents are separated and with different partners I don’t know if you consider them to be part of the family. I’d been with my boyfriend 4 years and we had a house together when his brother got married I wasn’t classed as family for the group photos. My point is I don’t know who you mean when you say ‘immediate family only.’ So write down people’s names.

THe Bridesmaids at Rockbeare Manor

  1. Delegate or find a Helper

Batman had Robin and Eddie had Patsy. We all need someone to rely on sometimes to help make things run smoothly. I won’t know who everyone is on your list, so finding a Groomsman, Bridesmaid or family friend who knows exactly who people are and can help gather people up for shots is invaluable. It’s the most efficient way to get through your list so that you can get back to socialising with all your guests and enjoying the canapes before they’ve all been eaten.

  1. Be Creative

Some of my favourite shots taking formal photos have been the out-take moments. Those in-between moments, not quite ready moments. The moments when people are messing about or having a joke. They say so much more about the relationships between the individuals in the group, and I love them for that. So go with silliness, go with messing about. Go with being yourselves.

  1. Be prepared

Every so often things don’t go to plan, guests disappear, children are uncooperative, the weather doesn’t play ball.  Anticipation and preparation for the unexpected is the key to successfully navigating these little blips so that molehills don’t become mountains.

So there you have it, my top 5 tips for nailing those group shots.



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