How to Rock your Engagement Shoot

Couple snuggled up to each other by lake on engagement shoot

Engagement shoots, pre-wedding shoots or couple shoots whatever you like to call them I love them. And here’s why.

They’re an amazing opportunity to create some truly beautiful photos of the two you and make a memory out of it at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just got engaged, been together years or are married they’re an amazing way to document memories of your relationship at whatever stage you are in your life.  

Rocking That Engagement Shoot

If you’re getting married then they’re a fabulous way to rid yourself of any nerves you might have about being in front of the camera before the wedding day. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other before the big day, so I feel more like a friend and less like having a stranger following you around on your wedding day. It’s why I recommend them as an add on to my wedding package when you book me.

But first here are my top tips for having an amazing Engagement shoot.

couple playing with dog on beach during engagement shoot

Make A Day Of It

Don’t treat this shoot as something you have to squeeze into the beginning or the end of the day. If you have somewhere else to be later and a long list of things you need to do you won’t feel relaxed.  Take time out and make it something special for the two of you. Go for coffee or lunch afterwards, make some memories with the day. Remember these photos are for you. So switch the phones off and take time out.

Couple larking about together and hugging

Be You And Do Your Thang

Don’t worry about what you think you should wear or how you think you should act or pose. Just be yourselves. So wear what you would normally, what you feel comfortable and confident in. And if you’re usually a tactile couple then be that. But if you’re a pair of jokers always messing about then be that. Me and my camera will capture your magic.

couple snuggled up together on beach talking during engagement shoot

Location, Location, Location

Choosing a great location can make your shoot really amazing. Ideally somewhere that means something to the two of you and suits your style. May be somewhere you like to visit together, or where you went on a first date, perhaps that special place where he proposed or the beach that you like to walk the dog on. I’m happy to come up with some suggestions if you are stuck for ideas. But It’s always great if it’s somewhere that means something to you with a variety of backdrops and textures as it will make your pictures even more memorable.

couple holding each other tenderly

Styling It Out On Your Engagement Shoot

Whether you choose to make something of the day and have your hair and make-up professionally done or decide to keep it low key and natural and do it yourself, it’s worth bearing in mind light makeup application won’t show up as much as you think, so you may wish to put on slightly more makeup than you would normally. And when your choosing your favourite outfits to wear it’s always worth double checking how they look together and making sure your colours work together.

boyfriend lifting girlfriend up in his arms for a kiss in the rain during engagement shoot

Have Fun and Let Go

Don’t worry about the small things that you have no control over, like the weather. I know couples often worry this, especially on their wedding day. But you honestly have no need, wind, rain, mist can make for some beautiful portraits. The wind can whip about long hair and dresses giving it a wild and free spirited feel adding a whole new level of emotion to a portrait. Rain can create a great mood for images too and if it is really is a monsoon there is always somewhere we can find as a plan b.  Having said couples who just embrace it and laugh it off and let the rain fall on them are just awesome. It’s that kind of mindset that allows me to capture something truly breath-taking. That kind of attitude you’ll rock your shoot whatever the weather!

If you’d like to see what it’s all about then drop me a line and we can chat over how it all works.





Devon, England