Lizzie & Will’s Utterly Butterleigh Engagement Shoot – part 2


Butterleigh Rape seed Field

This engagement shoot was a two-parter by luck and opportunity on both our parts. I think I mentioned Will’s parents place where the wedding was to take place was in beautiful Butterleigh where I live, so having spent a marvellous morning with Lizzie and Will on Friday, I popped around to their place on the Saturday to take advantage of the fact they were around for the weekend to talk weddings with them. Riley came too and the lucky Lab picked himself up and very amorous horsy girlfriend. Although I’m not sure what he made of it.

So after another fruitful morning was had over tea and brownies walking around discussing the upcoming wedding and deciding what areas of the farm would be perfect for group shots and bridal portraits. And having a look at the classic car that would transport them back from Forde Abbey where they would be getting married,  it was down to the nitty gritty of painting and decorating for the wedding – Lizzie and Will not me! Across the road I could see the gleaming yellow rape seed fields calling out to me. This time of year the Devon countryside just seems to come alive with this beautiful vibrant yellow sporadically splattering across landscape for a short time. It unique to this time of year and just livens up the landscape temporarily. I just love it. Before I could stop myself I had invited Lizzie and Will to join me when they had finished their painting and decorating. I’m so glad I did as I’m so in love with these utterly Butterleigh images…


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