If you’ve clicked on this link it means you care a lot about your data privacy and the new GDPR implications. I want you to knew I take the handling and processing of your personal information very seriously too. So here is Jennifer Jane Photography’s updated and GDPR compliant privacy policy,


I collect your name, it’s so much friendlier if I can call you your name, your email address so I can communicate with you or send you digital downloads, your mobile number just in case I need to call you on the wedding day, your address so I can post your wedding photos to you and sometimes take your photographs because that’s what you’ve paid me to do. All of this is necessary for me to do my job.


I use a contact form on my website, which arrives in my inbox on my computer and on my phone both of which are password protected. If you decide to go ahead and book me I use a rather cool client management software called Studio Ninja (It’s an Australian company, so the data that I collect from you may be transferred to and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). By submitting your personal data, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing) which is only accessible through one computer. If you enquire but decide not to book me (are you bonkers?) any information collected from your enquiry form will be deleted. A hard copy of your personal details, wedding information, contract and package are also kept in a locked file. So in the unlikely event of a power cut (I live in rural Devon this could happen), I know who you are and where your wedding is. I will also store your images using an image gallery called Pic-Time (a GDPR compliant company) for you to view, share and download your images. This is password protected. Your images are stored on the hard drive of my computer. They are also backed up and stored on two external drives which are kept in a fireproof safe.


I have a rather fabulous website and I like to blog your gorgeous weddings on it and write about other great stuff like how to get a great confetti shot. I don’t have comments enabled on my website as for some reasons companies feel the need to post about their Viagra tablets and it gets a tad annoying. But instead, I share to my Facebook and Instagram accounts and you can comment on here and message me through these. These are public forums and anyone can read what you post so I urge you not to post your bank details here or anything similarly batty.


I may need to store your personal details for as long as 5 years to comply will HMRC tax and insurance record-keeping guidelines. Your image data will be stored for a minimum period of 1 year.


I have access to your data, and occasionally an assistant shooter may be given limited access to your data (in order to perform the contract). Some of the service providers that I use such as Studio Ninja, Pixieset may also have access to your data. My website and e-mail host Siteground may also have access to your data. However, my website is as secure as it can possibly get being an https as well as having anti-hacking software embedded on it. I also have two back-ups of my website. One on the server and one offline. We do not sell or give your data to third parties for marketing. So if you’re getting calls about PPI or being in an accident they haven’t got your details from me.


On the odd rare occasion, we may need to share your personal data with a third party for legal reasons. For example, an insurance claim, a tax auditor or to prevent fraud.


I basically use it to make sure you get the most amazing, personal and professional wedding photography experience possible. I do this by sending you a few forms and questionnaires to complete in the lead up to your wedding asking for information about your wedding and any people you might like photos of. I also ask random questions like what your best joke is. This isn’t classed as data though. This information just means I know who people are, I know where I’m going, and I know exactly whom and what you would like photographed throughout the course of the day. It is not uncommon for a Wedding Blog or Magazine to think your wedding looks rather lush and fabulous and want to feature it on their own entity. Should this situation arise then don’t worry nothing would happen without your consent. I don’t have a mailing list. I like to think that my packages are pretty fab as they are so there’s no need to bother people with lots of continuous offers. But sometimes I have a really inspiring idea like, I’ve just started doing a new type of Album, why not see if it’s of interest to those that didn’t originally order an album or something like that. But generally, by the time you’ve had your wedding, we’re pretty good friends. And what’s the odd e-mail between friends? There are a few things I do to run my business, such as display my work on my website, or on Facebook or Instagram. It may have been how you came to have found me. I do ask couples to opt in to this in my contract. But you can always decide to keep your wedding private. I can promise you that I won’t sell your photos to any photo library or a third party, so you won’t find your photos being used for some zit cream ad. But if a third party does approach me about selling one of the images for said ad then I will e-mail you about it. You may well want to sell it, they pay rather well. It is also assumed that any of your guests by participating in your wedding are also consenting to be photographed. Should they not wish to be photographed they should make this known.


You have the right to ask me exactly what information I hold about you. Rather unsurprisingly it won’t be anything you don’t already know about yourself (I’m not a secret agent). If by some freak occurrence some piece of information is inaccurate, you have the right to correct it. I highly advise that. Neither one of us wants me turning up on a wrong day. You also have the right to ask me to delete all your details, but probably best not to ask me to do this before your event. I couldn’t guarantee I could remember all your information accurately to arrive at your event. Before deleting any data I will check whether I am legally required to retain any information to comply with HMRC auditing first.


I endeavour to keep current with changes in legislation, and I am doing my absolute best to ensure that I’m fully GDPR compliant.




Devon, England