A Brympton House Wedding with a Twist

I love it when I get to visit fabulous new venues and work with some of my favourite photographer friends. So when my colleague Jamie Dodd, said “Fancy helping me out on this wedding at Brympton House?” I was never going to say No. Firstly because working with Jamie is so much fun, but he is also amazingly talented too, so it’s such a pleasure to work with someone so fabulous. And secondly Brympton House is an insanely gorgeous venue, with so many beautiful photo opportunities and chances to think creatively that it’s impossible not to get excited.

And so I found myself this July day amid the energy and excitement of the Persian wedding traditions as colours and smells swirled around everywhere. It truly was a sight to behold. The Bride looked incredible in her Ian Stuart. Everywhere the most incredible floral displays were brimming with their delicate aromas, sometimes competing with potpourris. After the wedding breakfast where tradition has it anyone can give a speech after the usual suspects (I lost count after about 8) everyone retired for coffee where there  was an elaborate and flamboyant dance off for the the knife to cut the cake, where by the dancer tantalised and teased the guests with the knife before she presented it to the Bride and Groom to the cut the cake.

After the cake it was off to the stables to while away the evening with the dancing and chatting into the evening.

If you’re planning a fun and relaxed wedding like this or having a wedding at Brympton House then do get in touch and let’s chat








Devon, England