Somerset Wedding Photographer – Fountains at Forde Abbey

Lizzie & Will Forde Abbey (19 of 48)

From the moment I met Lizzie and Will it was as if I had always know them. It’s why I’m so excited to be blogging this wedding from Forde Abbey. This one is an absolute belter, but I knew it would be when I turned up on the day to the words “Do we have a bag for Lizzies’s head?” The bag it turns out was keep Lizzie’s hair in place when she put on her dress, not bridesmaid envy. But honestly I saw pretty much everything that day even pants that would rival Bridget Jones!

It was a beautiful July day, the weather was perfect and Lizzie looked every inch a fairytale bride in her stunning gown by Carina Baverstock Couture. The Bridal room at Forde Abby was filled with the most magnificent aroma of the bridal bouquets which were made by In Bloom Devon and contained organic, seasonal local grown flowers, as anticipation grow and we waited for the Great Hall down stairs to fill with the guests.

At last the time came and Lizzie made her entrance. You could almost hear a pin drop as everyone held their breath as this vision of a Greek Goddess glided down the aisle of this huge hall chandeliers hanging above to be greeted by the hugest of smiles at the other end from Will. Their Bestman, Tom said it in his speech and it’s totally true. You can see how much these two are in love when they look at each other.

I learn so much being at weddings and one of the things I learnt at this wedding was that love is like owning a dog. First of all love is a big responsibility. Love gives you security. On cold nights love is warm. Love makes funny noises. It also makes little messes and leaves you surprises here and there. But most of all, love needs love, lots of it. And in return, love loves you and never stops. I know this marriage has plenty of love!

So from this wedding not only do I take away a little learning on love but I’m pretty sure I take away two new friends in Lizzie & Will.

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